Top 3 most influential self-help authors

Many have questioned the relevance of self-help authors, popularly called “motivational speakers” in our days. There however still exist an enormous number of achievers (like you) who understand that motivational or self-help authors continue to make significant contributions to our lives through their writings.

In this post, we sequence three (3) of such writers who have made tremendous contribution to lives through their writings.

  1. Robert Kiyosaki – A personal finance course today would be incomplete without a quote from or reference to Robert. An author of over 50 books centered around the theme of personal finance, Robert is a “best-selling author”. We strongly recommend his book “Rich Dad; Poor Dad” as a good starting point for anyone seeking to dive into the world of personal financial education with Robert Kiyosaki.
  • John Maxwell – “Leadership is cause, everything else is effect.” This is one of the most popular quotations of John Maxwell. Maxwell is a repository of knowledge when it comes to Leadership both on a personal and public level. His writings (which even include a Leadership Centered Bible) basically teach individuals key principles and attributes of leadership as well as how to develop them.
  •  Albert Ocran – On the Ghanaian and West African market, few stand as peers of Rev. Albert Ocran. With an uncanny ability to tease out useful lessons from biblical stories and some times even very mundane events of life, Albert Ocran has built a solid reputation as a self-help author or motivational speaker. His books titles include “Speak Like a Pro”, “Snakes and Ladders”, among others.

The most common criticism we hear concerning motivational speakers is that, the motivation they provide does not last. Zig Ziglar (a world renowed motivational speaker himself) gave the best response possible to this “..neither does bathing – that is why we recommend it daily”. A daily dose of motivation is essential for progress in life. Go check out these authors and add some zest to your life! Let’s change the world!

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I am an investor and businessman who is passionate about leadership and mentorship.

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